Beer for Health

Beer has been, and still is, the favourite social drink for a wide range of occasions.

Beer is brewed from malted barley, flavoured by hops then modified by yeast. The key to sociability and enjoyment is the message to drink in moderation!

Beer bellies and lager love-handles have both given beer a bad rap but it’s a misunderstood beverage. Most of beer’s negative associations are to do with lifestyle choices, not the brew itself.

In fact, those saussies on the barbie, or that extra helping of pav at Christmas, would contain more calories than sipping a few quiet beers.

Beer has virtually no fat and zero cholesterol. It has fewer calories than wine and RTDs on a volume basis and certainly contains less sugar than most RTD’s. Beer is generally less acidic than wine or RTD’s.

Malt is rich in vitamins and minerals, especially B6 and B12 – and 500mls of beer meets about 30% of an average person’s daily need for vitamins. It is also claimed that the presence of hops can provide beneficial sedative effects and their bitterness can aid digestion.….so beer is a good companion consumed with other foods.

Studies our brewers have read about alcohol, even show moderate drinkers are less prone to stress and heart disease than many teetotallers and heavy drinkers and this is a continuing study in medical circles.

Alcohol, consumed in moderate amounts, has been shown to reduce deposits in blood vessel walls and lower cholesterol levels in your blood, counteracting cardiac diseases and stabilising your blood pressure.

And let’s not forget that beer is close to 95 per cent water. Its high water content compared to wine and spirits makes it a good thirst-quenching drink. However, over consumption of all alcoholic drinks can have the opposite effect!

There are continued studies on beer and health and recent work by Swedish researchers published on MedWire recently found that women with lower alcohol consumption had a decreased risk for Type 2 diabetes…so as time goes by the benefits of beer consumed in moderation continues to be explored.

Remember, moderation is the key to enjoying the health benefits of beer. For more information on drinking responsibly visit

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