DB supports new drink-drive limits with innovation

DB backs the changes in drink-driving limits

With new drink-drive limits coming into force next week, DB Breweries is committed to helping raise awareness of the changes and provide new solutions to help its bars manage the transition.

New low alcohol products, a new partnership with a taxi app, an in-bar advertising campaign and new labeling are all part of DB’s efforts to ease the transition for both its customers and the public. 
DB Managing Director Andy Routley says it’s important that publicans are equipped with tools to support and educate their clientele about the changes.

“Responsible consumption underpins our business and the lowering of the drink-drive limit is an opportunity to highlight that there are plenty of options available to ensure everyone gets home safely.
“The pub or bar occasion is undoubtedly a social one; it’s about catching up with your mates and having a good yarn. Advance planning and knowing your options means no one needs to miss out, regardless of the changing drink-drive legislation,” he says. 

From Monday, DB will launch a partnership with transport app Uber, which connects riders with drivers at a fraction of the price of a standard taxi. All those who download the app and enter the special code (available in bars) will get a $20 credit on their account to use towards a ride home.
The partnership forms part of a wider campaign which reminds consumers of their options – to catch a taxi, drink a lower alcohol product or use a sober driver – so they can continue meeting their mates for a yarn at the pub after work.

Humorous stories will be seen on posters, coasters and t-shirts around bars with the ultimate message being to ‘get home safely tonight’.
“In addition to the campaign, we’ve recently launched another low alcohol beer as well as the first lower alcohol cider to complement the market leading Amstel Light and last summer’s runaway success, Export Citrus,” says Routley. 
“These products are an essential component in helping to shape a more responsible drinking culture in New Zealand and supporting our bars. If we don’t provide our on-premise customers with quality lower alcohol options we put their businesses in jeopardy and that is not something we ever want to do.”

Over the next year DB is also rolling out ‘don’t drink & drive’ pictograms on all of its products.
“While we don’t believe a pictogram alone will change behaviour, we think that a graphic reminder on packaging is an important touch point to reinforce this important message, and will work with wider messaging around drinking and driving,” adds Routley.

For further information, please contact:
Amber McEwen, DB Breweries External Relations Manager, on 021 194 0429

Notes to editors:
Uber is currently only available in Auckland and Wellington, however DB will partner the app as it rolls out in other cities in New Zealand.

DB’s low alcohol portfolio includes:
- Amstel Light (2.5%abv market leading low alcohol beer)
- Export Citrus (2%abv)
- Export Citrus Grapefruit (2%abv)
- Monteiths Lightly Crushed Apple Cider (2.8%abv)

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