New Monteith’s Brewers Series Brews

The Monteith’s brewers in Greymouth have crafted two new editions to the popular Monteiths Brewers Series range.
The newly refurbished Monteiths Brewery on the West Coast has enabled the brewing team to tinker and explore new taste experiences to bottle, for the latest two new Brewers Series brews.  Introducing new Monteith’s Brewers Series Imperial Pilsner and Monteith’s Brewers Series Double Hopped IPA. The newly created brews complement the exciting range perfectly and are sure to hit the high hop and taste notes enjoyed by beer lovers.
Launched in September 2012, the Monteith’s Brewers Series has gone from strength to strength with the original four variants, IPA, Unfiltered Apricot Wheat, Barrel Aged Porter and Alcoholic Ginger Beer. Each Monteith’s Brewers Series brew has consistently been in the top ten single bottle craft beer sales since their introduction.  
The new Monteith’s Brewers Series Imperial Pilsner is a 7% ABV brew with a modern Kiwi twist. Traditional Pilsners are usually around 4-6% ABV; however the new Imperial Pilsner includes only pilsner malts from Milford and Canterbury plains, which gives the brew a fuller malt flavour.
Monteith’s Head Brewer, Tony Mercer says the new Brewers Series Imperial Pilsner is crafted with a number of hops adding to the brew’s taste characteristics.
“The Monteith’s Brewers Series Imperial Pilsner has a 45 IBU (International Bitter Units) to cater to craft drinkers, however the hop aroma is not pronounced and instead has a crisp clean bitterness that lingers on the palate. This is all due to my secret hop blend which includes one bitter hop variety and three aroma hops giving the beer bitterness some complexity,” says Tony Mercer.
The second new Brewers Series beer released this month is the Monteith’s Double Hopped IPA, the bigger and bolder brother of the Brewers Series’ current IPA, which has proved incredibly popular. The new Double Hopped IPA uses a considerable amount of different hop varieties, which create a citrus and woody hop aroma and a fresh hop floral. The brewers have also used a couple of different malts which combine well with the hops and add a fairly complex and punchy combination to finish off this big beer.
“The Brewers Series Double Hopped IPA ABV (Alcohol By Volume) is 7.5% which is getting up there for a beer, typically strong beers can overwhelm the malt characteristic unless some crystal or extra kilned malts are used to counteract this. I haven’t gone to mouth puckering extremes with the hop bitterness, but the IBU is at the high end for beer while still being very enjoyable,” Tony Mercer.
The two new Monteith’s Brewers Series beers are a welcome addition to the Brewers Series and take the total number of beers in the series to six. Monteith’s Brewers Series are available now on tap at select Monteith’s concept bars, and as single bottles with a RRP of $6.29 from all good liquor stores and supermarkets nationwide.  
For more information on Monteith’s and the Brewers Series brews visit or
Brewers Series varieties: 
  • IPA
  • Unfiltered Apricot Wheat
  • Barrel Aged Porter
  • Alcoholic Ginger Beer
  • Imperial Pilsner (new)
  • Double Hopped IPA (new) 
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