Barworks Hospitality Group

A brew of partners

There’s something about walking into a bustling pub that makes you feel connected. Being around like-minded people in a friendly environment can be all it takes to restore a sense of balance.
Humans are social creatures, but as we become increasingly attached to our tech-toys it can be harder to maintain basic social ties. It's this sense of camaraderie that is at the core of the Barworks Hospitality Group.
Barworks was born in 2008 when JAG Hospitality (with a cumulative thirty years plus in the hospitality industry) and DB Breweries brainstormed and decided to join forces. The resulting partnership is known as Barworks and has allowed the company to grow from 7 gastropubs to 19 across Auckland, with their Functions and Events arm taking care of an additional event venue.
The beer is, of course, 100 percent supplied by DB Breweries from craft brews like Monteith’s to international premium brands like Heineken and Tiger.