DB’s Vision and Values

Blending the best of our past with our exciting future

The DB TeamThere is something special about DB. Lots of people say it. DB employees know it. And it has a lot to do with our Vision and Values.

DB’s Vision is to Live the Legendary DB Spirit Every Day as We Achieve Global Excellence for our Beers and Ciders.

The DB Spirit is an important part of what gives DB the X factor and which we wish to live every day in our outlook and actions to realise our Vision.

The DB spirit originates from the legendary Morton Coutts OBE who always challenged the impossible. He embodies our spirit of innovation and demonstrated this throughout his career as a brewing genius whose breakthroughs revolutionised the brewing industry from the 1950s onwards. Morton’s significant achievements continue to flow through DB’s DNA today and make this company so special.

Living the legendary DB spirit is also most best achieved through our four Values which embrace the best of DB and the best of HEINEKEN with:

The DB TeamHave Vision
We are a leader. We are here to make our make our mark. We challenge the impossible, just as Morton Coutts did.

Being visionary is part of DB’s reputation as we continually lift standards and improve quality.

Have Vision focuses us on innovative thinking and processes as innovation is DB’s future.

The DB TeamPassion for Quality and Safety 
We are committed to ‘Everyone Home Safe Every Day’. We take this extremely seriously as our people come first.
Quality relates to everything we do. Especially the quality of our work so that we do it once and we do it right.

We want our consumers, customers and suppliers to enjoy the highest level of quality through our products and relationships.

Respect for People and Our Planet
DB employees respect each other. Each and every one of us has an important part to play in our team and bring our own special talents and skills. We also like to have fun together!

We are committed to embedding sustainability across our company by Brewing a Better Future. This means limiting our carbon footprint, reducing the amount of water we use, sourcing

Sustainably and encouraging responsible consumption of our products.

Play to Win
Together DB and HEINEKEN have the winning edge. Let’s honour our heritage and inspire our future to create a legendary legacy.

DB is brand led, customer focused and consumer inspired and we challenge the impossible by turning the impossible into reality.