Monteith's Brewing Co.

The rich history of the Monteith’s Brewing Co. comes from humble beginnings. New Zealand was hard work back in the mid-to-late 1800s, particularly on the West Coast, which proved fertile ground not just for miners but also brewers. One of those brewers was Stewart Monteith. He had moved up from Otago and settled in Reefton, where he took over the reins of the Phoenix Brewery in 1868. By the 1920s, changing fortunes in the mines had led to a decline in the population, resulting in many bars and breweries being forced to close. Five of the surviving West Coast breweries, including Monteith’s Phoenix brewery, merged to form Westland Brewing Co, lead by Stewart’s son, William. The new Head Office was built on a new site in Greymouth, where Monteith’s is still brewed today. In 1969, DB bought the Westland Brewing Co. in Greymouth and in 1990 the name of the brewery became Monteith’s, to reflect its historic origins.
All Monteith’s beers are naturally brewed without artificial additives or preservatives. In fact, the only additives are ingredients like rata honey or lemon juice.

The range of beers includes the Classic range and the Batch Brewed - a continuously evolving range, in which veteran and novice beer lovers will find something to savour.

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Monteith's Golden

Standard Drinks

/ 330ml

Alcohol Content



On Tap


170kJ / 100ml

Total Carbs

2.9g / 100ml