Monteith's Crushed Cider


Monteith’s Crushed Cider is a light, refreshing French-style cider made from whole sun-ripened Nelson apples or pears, ruthlessly crushed to retain their natural flavour. The result is a lighter cider with full flavour and freshness. Monteith’s Crushed Apple Cider is perfect with sweet French crepes, strong blue cheese or nutty Gouda, while Monteith’s Crushed Pear Cider is a great match with ginger-based dishes, blue cheese or strong cheddar cheese. The newest addition to the range is Crushed Summer Berries. The perfect blend of crisp apple cider and a real summer berry wine of strawberries, raspberries and cranberries. Great with a smoked chicken salad, or a platter with fresh bread, cold meats, fruit chutney and some mild cheddar.
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Monteith's Lightly Crushed Cider

Standard Drinks

/ 330ml

Alcohol Content





128kj / 100ml

Total Carbs